Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Poem analysis

I have always had a loving of poems.
So, I decided to create a poem analysis on a poem that I'm sure all of you will like!

Ode to French Fries
by Pablo Neruda

What sizzles

in boiling oil

is the world’s pleasure:

French fries
go into the pan
like the morning swan’s snowy
feathers and emerge
half-golden from the olive’s crackling amber.

Garlic lends them its earthy aroma, its spice, its pollen that braved the reefs. Then, dressed anew in ivory suits, they fill our plates with repeated abundance, and the delicious simplicity of the soil.

The instant I read this I felt like having hot oily french fries. I completely agree with the author. French fries are widely appreciated through the whole world and is anyones favorite side dish. Great similes are used to describe this which gets me all hungry. But I also wished it would describe that nice smell that it gives out juts before we eat.

I think I'll be going to eat some french fries tonight!

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