Wednesday, 31 October 2012

EBTC reflection

The goal of EBTC is to be aware, to be able and then act. This was our ultimate goal. Our focus was the pesticides used in Singapore and how they impact our community in UWC. There is chance that the fogging done every weekend could be in our food. So, if we had a greener pesticide at school things would change and the food may be better at Sodexo. In order to stop this we needed signatures from the students of UWC to push the school to obtain a greener pesticide which wont harm the school environment. We went through many steps to try and achieve this. We created posters and strongly pushed our point to the school for reason to sign for the campaign. We did most of this during the fair.

The fair was what we had been prepared for. We shouted hard for people to come and sign and played videos and music with speakers. This helped as we were able to stand out during the fair whereas some groups were a little isolated. I think it is quite a challenge to get people to listen to what you want to prove to them in their lunch time.

So, now that we have raised some awareness and have the signatures of the people of school, What do we do? Yes, we could try and ask the head of campus to consider changing the pesticide used at Singapore. But, if that does or does not work what do we do after that. Do we just wait for next years EBTC project to come? No we could ask others to unite with us and promote our point. For example, my parents and neighbors are really annoyed with the fogging in the morning. I could try and stop this. There are many rooms of action.

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