Saturday, 29 September 2012

World Festivals Series

Hello all and welcome to the new World Festivals Series (WFS)!

Here I will be writing about all the wicked and crazy festivals going on in the world!

Todays will be The La Tomatina festival celebrated in Bunol, Spain in August.
To those of you who don't understand a word of Spanish (Neither do I) this means the Tomato festival.

The concept of this festival is simple.
All you have to do is throw tomatoes at each other!
Ever wanted to have a food fight?
Well, this is the perfect festival for you.

WHY do they do this?
No reason, just for the fun of it...

If you just happen to go to Spain on a holiday and see this chaos going on, tell me all about it...

The main reason I chose this festival was because I love tomatoes. I eat them literally every day.
I think about half of my body is filled with Tomato.
 I think I'm making an great impact on the Tomato economy.
 So if you see the Tomatoes sold out in the super markets, its probably me!

If I went to this festival it would be PARADISE.
BUT for those of you "Tomato Haters" maybe not.

Festival criticism: 75/100

Yes, I do indeed love tomatoes but this festival is DANGEROUS (Sploosh)

Look out for more strange festivals!
If you have a awesome festival you want to share, I may introduce it in my next posts!


  1. I love the idea of global festival series with a ranking system. As for this one, sounds like super fun right? A giant food fight with Tomatoes? Sign me up. Looking forward to future WFS

  2. That Is So Cool I would like to have a tomato Fight!!! Keep up the Wacky Festival's!!