Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Japanese history

Sengoku Samurai part 1:

The samurai of the Sengoku period (16th century) were the samurai warlords that controlled
regions of Japan. They fought for territory every day and the power full Samurai would rule
Japan and become a Shogun. The Shogun stands in the second highest status in Japan that has control
over politics just like the President. On top of that is the Tenno Emperor whom is the king of
Japan and is part of the royal family, basically in British terms King! The sengoku samurai can only
become the Shogun in highest but not the Tenno, that is only for the one with royal blood.
But Nonetheless the Shogun had more control over politics, meaning the Tenno actually could
not control the Shogun although rightfully allowed to. Even though the Tenno was considered god
the power of the Shogun was too powerful.

But How could the Shogun be that powerful? It was all because they used to be Sengoku Samurai
whom were battle-hardened men who feared nothing. They fought literally every day avoiding invasions and claiming territory. The best of best out of these strong men would be the powerful Shogun. It was an Sengoku samurai's dream to become a Shogun!

Look out for part 2!

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  1. Wow! Love it. I am fascinated with Japan and would love to learn more. Would love a few links in your post, maybe some pictures too. Keep them coming please.