Thursday, 27 September 2012


Boredom is not something naturally created. Boredom is something that occurs through our lifestyles. Some people never seem to be bored, for instance my dad. He is always moving busily working, playing sports, meeting friends, cooking, reading, watching television and of course talking to me! But on the contrary people whom are bored seem to be living in one cycle. I used to be like this and sometimes have a tendency of doing so. This is what I mean by living in a cycle.

My schedule

- Waking up at 6:30 SHARP
- Having the usual cereal and juice
- Catching the school bus at 7:20 SHARP
- Arriving to school
- Meeting the SAME friends
- Going to the USUAL classes
- Sitting on the SAME old set with the EXACT SAME friend
- Buying the EXACT same lunch
- Sitting on the exact SAME seat with the SAME people
- Catching the bus home at 3:00 SHARP
- Sitting next to the SAME person
- Arriving home
- Relax and eat the SAME snacks
- Sit down and so my homework
- Have dinner
- Sleep zzz...
- Repeat again

This used to happen to me...
Once you get caught into these cycles it just never ends...
This definitely will get you bored.
I am sure there are more values in life than this.
My dad encouraged me to get into more things and get into something I can spend my time on for days.
So I did...
And my life change from the usual "Ugh I'm bored... what do I do theres nothing to do" to "Ah that was some nice time playing down stairs with my friends!"
If your life is like my old life, I would advise you to get out of the house and do something satisfying.

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  1. Great advice Keito. I agree that boredom is a result of apathy, laziness and being stuck in routines. Your dad gave you some great advice. Trying to new things and pushing your comfort zone is a great way to get beyond boredom.

    You are so luck y to discover this very important lesson so young in your life. I hope your peers listen. When I am bored, I like to read, play guitar or write. Sometimes, however, it dos feel nice just to sit and breathe and not do much of anything.

    Keep writing I am loving your posts.

    Anyone else reading this post, what do you do to prevent boredom?